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Lifting Systems

Lifting Systems
Technical Sheet


PSA has developed unique edge and face lifters for precast and tilt-up panels, as well as other precast elements. Conforming to AS3850:2015, the range of lifters, require the one type of lifting clutch only, eliminating potential error and saving time, both at the yard and on site.

In addition, the universal lifting system from DSI Arteon has been successfully used for more than 30 years and ensures the safe lifting and placement of precast elements. PSA stocks and has affiliated access to a full range of anchors and accessories for up to 32T working loads; plus higher loads within the Lifting Loop range. All lifting components can be provided with CE certificates. Materials and load ratings conform to the strict requirements of DSI Arteon and AS3850.2015.

Without knowledge of the full design criteria, final determination and selection of a product for a specific application, resides with the end user. PSA can assist by, reviewing your designs based on the load and performance characteristics of our products. In-House Design Services for your lifting requirements can be provided by PSA. Please contact our engineers for an appraisal of the work requirements.