Slab Connection Systems

PSA supplies a range of jointing accessories that control movement in slab joints, to prevent and control cracking, as well as accessories to form contraction joints in slabs. The range includes single round, square and plate dowels with covers to suit, or for large projects; cradles to locate these dowels at accurate spacing’s and heights. For forming joints there are flat or keyed profiles, with or without foamed backing for movement. Joints can be sealed with permanent or removable capping, and for high traffic areas, armoured jointing is also available.

  • Plate Cradles

    Plate Cradles

    3m long Plate Cradles consist of either a 6mm or 10mm thick dowel x 50mm wide x 300mm long plate secured in a prefabricated cradle, designed for use along contraction joints to limit deflection. PD3 plate cradles are similar, but with a tapered plate and shrink wrapped one end.

    Cradles available in black and galvanised finish.

    Custom sizes including round or square dowels as well as different heights and spacing’s are available upon request subject to minimum order.

  • Diamond Dowels

    Diamond Dowels

    Diamond dowels offer a highly efficient dowel system designed for construction joints, which minimises differential deflection between slabs. Diamond dowels allow two directional movement in the horizontal plane, whilst minimising differential deflection between slabs under load.

    *Supplied with plastic sleeves to suit

    Diamond Dowels
  • Armoured Jointing

    Armoured Jointing

    Armoured jointing is designed for applications where edges of concrete must be able to withstand heavy loads from constant materials handling traffic. Armoured jointing is available in both top rail system and full joint system. The types of armoured jointing available depending on the application; such as type of wheel traffic, load, internal or external slabs, movement at joint and smoothness. All armoured jointing is made to order.

    Please contact PSA for a solution to your requirements.

    Armour Mate