Marking & Measuring

For setting out, checking, highlighting, temporary identification or permanent; PSA has a product to suit. We have measuring tapes and crayons for checking and setting out; survey sprays for site layouts; stencil sprays for marking and identification, as well as permanent cast-in identification plates.

  • PSA Stencil Spray

    PSA Stencil Spray

    PSA stencil spray is a high coverage, low odour, quick drying, paint developed for use with stencils and general colour coding.

    PSA Stencil Spray
  • MARX Survey Spray

    MARX Survey Spray

    MARX Survey Spray is designed for inverted use. Used for construction site layout, landscaping, civil works and surveying.

    MARX Survey Spray
  • Panel Plates

    Panel Plates

    Permanent identification plate cast into Panels - mechanically fastened with a break off nib, or a raised face for double sided tape. Available in Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow, Grey or Pink, for project/location identification..

    Other colours available in the wide range subject to minimum order requirements.