Grout Tubes & Pipes

Whether you are locating starter bars, or running them continuously in walls or columns, PSA can provide grout tube systems to suit, including our patented plastic ribbed grout tubes. These include bends, closures and locating caps, including magnets for fixing, double- sided discs or caps to suit mechanical fasteners. Purpose made chair supports are also available.

For concrete septic tanks, we fabricate UPVC inlets and outlets to your specifications, as well as supplying plain and star couplings to suit.

  • 50 Series Grout Tube System

    50 Series Grout Tube System

    The moulded Grout Tube replaces three common, and now redundant, construction items: the elbow, the cut UPVC or spiral tube and tape. The Grout Tube brings the added value of safety, eliminating exposure to toxic fumes and dust generated from cutting UPVC tube, as well as the jagged edges created when cutting metal spiral tube.

    Other sizes available on request.

  • 70 Series Grout Tube System

    70 Series Grout Tube System

    70mm Series Grout Tube System bends and extensions. All extensions available with a closed end upon request: minimising the need for duct tape and end caps.

  • Spiral Duct

    Spiral Duct

    Spiral Duct was used widely in the concrete construction industry, prior to plastic grout tubes. PSA can supply Spiral Duct from 40mm diameter upwards in a range of gauges. We stock 40mm -70mm in 2.5m & 5.8m crates, however we can have other diameters and lengths supplied upon request.

    Spiral Duct
  • Grout Tube Caps and Locators

    Grout Tube Caps and Locators

    PSA stocks caps and locators to suit 50mm to 70mm diameter Grout Tubes. If you require an odd size we don’t stock, we can have them made or source them elsewhere for you, subject to minimum order requirements.

  • PVC Bends and Pipes

    PVC Bends and Pipes

    UPVC Bends and Pipes are commonly used as returns in conjunction with Steel Spiral Duct for making Grout Tubes. We stock 88º UPVC Bends in 50mm, 65mm and 75mm, and have access to a whole range of UPVC Fittings and Pipes to suit your request.

    PVC Bends
  • Flexible Grout Tube

    Flexible Grout Tube

    Unslotted Polydrain and low density conduit used for flexible grout tubes and post tensioning. Stocked in 19mm and 50mm diameter. Other sizes available upon request.

    Low Density Poly Pipe
  • UPVC Septic Tank Fittings

    UPVC Septic Tank Fittings

    Fabricated 100mm UPVC pipe and fittings to suit Concrete Septic Tanks. PSA can have other sizes of inlets or outlets fabricated to suit your tank mould. These fittings can be supplied with or without couplings depending upon your application.

  • PVC Star Couplings

    PVC Star Couplings

    100mm Dia UPVC Star Couplings. From 50mm up to 100mm lengths.