Connections for Concrete

PSA’s Concrete Connections includes all accessories relating to ferrules (threaded inserts), as well as cast-in plates and void formers in precast and tilt-up concrete components. These include associated supports or bar chairs, threaded and push-in plates, caps and plugs, and double sided foam tape discs to suit. Also included is information on Danley™ Systems range of concrete joint products and Max Frank Australia’s range of technologies

  • Cast-In Plate Chairs

    Cast-In Plate Chairs
    PSA has developed and patented a cost effective and efficient Cast-In Plate Chair to simplify, and improve the installation process of Cast-In Plates. Cast-in Plate chairs will produce a level uniform height, whilst allowing for fi nish or rebates. 30mm and 35mm rebates are easily achieved with PSA void formers.
  • Cast-In Plates

    Cast-In Plates
    Quality Cast-in plates for structural onsite connections.
  • Void Formers

    Void Formers

    200mm x 200mm HDPE Cast-In Plate Void Formers. For achieving a 30mm or 35mm rebate for Cast-In Plates. Can be supplied with magnets and plates pre assembled. Other sizes available upon request

  • Ferrules (Standard Round)

    Ferrules (Standard Round)
    PSA ferrules are nominal 28.0mm OD, and are manufactured to comply with AS3850. All ferrules available in zinc or galvanised, and with or without antennae cap pre-attached. Ferrules supplied with antennae cap are pre lubricated.
  • Ferrule Chairs

    Ferrule Chairs

    An easy-to-use ferrule chair; developed to locate “near-face” standard round ferrules in precast panels and tilt-up panels. This chair is designed to locate the ferrule to about 1 to 2mm below the panel surface when a 96mm ferrule is used. A major time saver, the ferrule chair is manufactured to provide a strong, impact resistant support, which is non-corrosive and having minimal exposure. The chair is designed to locate the 96mm ferrule at the correct height only when the compulsory “omega bar” is used.

    The “omega bar (N12 bar)” can be placed through the ferrule and clipped onto the chair, or pushed though the ferrule and rest on a separate saddle, after the chair has been placed

    Ferrule Chair
  • Antennae Cap

    Antennae Cap

    Designed to be used in conjunction with the ferrule chair, the antennae cap protects the threads of the ferrule, whilst pouring and screeding. Provides an effective seal, through a tight push fit, and a ridge which locks into the thread. The antennae are pliable for screeding and easily identified with bright colour coding.

  • Push on Ferrule Locator

    Push on Ferrule Locator

    Pushes into the ferrule and releases when the panel is lifted, leaving a 5mm recess in the panel. A special built-in seal prevents slurry leakage into the ferrule. The 58mm base is designed to be stuck to the table with a double sided adhesive foam disc, but can also be mechanically fastened.

    Push on Ferrule Locator FLP12/58
  • Glue On Plates

    Glue On Plates

    Glues to formwork with 58mm double sided tape discs and screws into ferrule. The recess on the bottom side of the base allows for easy removal after the panels have been lifted, leaving a 5mm recess in the panel.

    Glue On Plates
  • Nailing Plate

    Nailing Plate

    Screws into the ferrule and mechanically fastened to the formwork, leaving a 10mm recess in the panel. Where coil or tie bar threaded ferrules are used a special nailing plate is available.

    Nailing Plate
  • Bar Box and Bolts

    Bar Box and Bolts

    The PSA Bar Box is an economical plastic rebate, designed to fit threaded inserts in floor to wall connections. The boxes can be connected to the formwork with double side tape or mechanical fasteners, or directly to the reinforcement with tie-wire. Plastic bolts to suit the threaded inserts are also available.

    The PSA Bar Box is designed with a tapered box that forms a key into the slab connection and has knock-outs at 50mm centres, providing tolerances to avoid clashing with wall reinforcement. The box is fully sealed with a push-tight back cover.


    • Length of Bar Box: 750mm
    • Width of Bar Box: 100mm
    • Depth of Bar Box: 30mm
    • Knock-out Spacing: 50mm

    Plastic bolt sizes: 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm to suit ‘Reidbar’ (Metric or alternative threads are available depending on minimum order requirements.)

    Bar Box and Bolts
  • Ferrule Patch Caps

    Ferrule Patch Caps

    Concrete grey patches that are inserted into 20mm ferrules, when props have been removed from the panels. Eliminates grouting of the ferrule holes, even if the ferrules are not perpendicular to the panel face. Patch Caps have a UV protecting agent in them to prevent aging in exposed areas.

    Glue On Plates
  • Snow White Petroleum Jelly

    Snow White Petroleum Jelly

    Snow white petroleum jelly is a highly purified non-staining white petroleum Jelly, ideal for lubricating ferrules before connecting to the Ferrule locating plate or antenna cap.

    Snow White Petroleum Jelly