Bar & Mesh Support Chairs

PSA has a range of bar chairs (reinforcement supports) to suit virtually any application. The chairs can be singular or continuous, with or without clips; suitable for slab on ground or formwork and sizes up to 245mm high. They are available in plastic, concrete or wire, depending on whether you wish to support the bottom or top layers of reinforcement, or between the two. If you`re not sure tell us your application and we can recommend a type and size to suit.

  • Continuous Deck Chairs

    Continuous Deck Chairs

    The plastic deck rail is a continuous spacer for formwork applications. Designed with sets of vertical legs at approximately 75mm centres and another central leg in between the sets; the deck rail is strong and stable, yet provides minimum exposure. Another feature is the male and female connection at either end to join rail on rail to any given length. Once connected the clip will not separate; a must for large projects. Clipping bar chairs onto the reinforcement or “chairing up” after the reinforcement has been placed is now eliminated. Ideal for suspended decks, precast or tiltup panels, in situ and precast beams and slabs on blinding concrete. Available in heights from 25mm to 100mm in 5mm increments.

    Continuous Deck Chair

    Note: CDR025 - CDR075 designed so that it can be snapped in half, which will create two 550mm long sections

  • Snake Spacers

    Snake Spacers

    The Snake Spacer provides a quick, easy and economical method of supporting between two layers of reinforcement in concrete slabs and panels. The spacers are supplied in an effective length of 2.0 metres and range in size from 40mm up to 150mm.

    The Snake Spacer is perfect for any precast application that calls for double reinforcement. By sitting on top of the bottom layer of reinforcement it eliminates exposure that plastic and wire chairs often leave. Ideal also for slab on ground where double reinforcement is required.

    Other sizes available upon request.

    Snake Spacers SSA130
  • Panel Chairs

    Panel Chairs

    Panel Chairs support single layered mesh in tiltup, precast panels and some suspended deck applications. The chairs provide covers ranging from 30mm to 100mm to suit popular panel thicknesses, with four strong stable legs. The chair can support the mesh whilst walking over it without collapsing or tipping.

    Dimples located at the base of the legs ensure minimum exposure, and the chair is coloured a consistent grey to match the concrete. The easy push on clip mechanism allows the chair to be adjusted into a vertical position, when lowering the mesh into the form, and suits all mesh sizes including N12 bars.

    Panel Chair
  • Combination Plastic Top Deck Chairs

    Combination Plastic Top Deck Chairs

    The top deck chair supports both top mesh or reinforcing bars in suspended decks, thick precast and tilt-up panels, and any tall spacer applications, where strength and stability is critical. Load tested to over 200 kg, the chair leaves a minimal foot print and is supplied in a grey colour. Unlike wire alternatives, the top deck chair off ers dual heights, will not rust or spread under normal construction loads, and can still be handled in extreme heat. An added feature is a cross bar between the dual supports, to allow tying the reo with wire, if required. The saddle will accommodate all mesh sizes and bars up to N28.

    Combination Plastic Top Deck Chair

    Bases are available to suit slab on ground applications.

  • Clip Fast Bar Chairs

    Clip Fast Bar Chairs

    Clip Fast Bar chairs are made from quality materials and come in two head sizes to accommodate different bar sizes. One for bar 4mm to 16mm and the other for bar 20mm to 36mm. The convenient, economical range is designed for minimal exposure and coloured grey to match the concrete. Greater stability and less exposure can be achieved where necessary with the use of clip-in bases: available in two heights, 15 and 25mm.

    Clip Fast Bar Chair CLFB15B
  • Clip Fast Mesh Chairs

    Clip Fast Mesh Chairs

    Clip Fast mesh chairs are made from quality material and supplied in a concrete grey finish. The chair is designed to clip easily to the intersection of the mesh, providing greater strength and stability. For improved aesthetics, it is recommended that these chairs are used in conjunction with the fast clip bases.

    Greater heights are available, subject to minimum order quantity.

    Clip Fast Mesh Chair
  • Clip Fast Bases

    Clip Fast Bases

    Suitable for Clip Fast Bar and Mesh Chairs

    Bases of either 15 or 25mm can be used to increase cover and stability and minimise exposure. Suitable for clip fast bar and mesh chairs. Available in white, black or grey. Other colours can be manufactured, subject to minimum order quantity. The 80mm diameter flat bases are used in slab on ground applications.

    Clip Fast Bases
  • Heavy Duty Bar Chairs

    Heavy Duty Bar Chairs

    The heavy duty clip-on range is a replacement for concrete blocks and wire chairs in the heavy precast market, overcoming moisture retention and rust problems. A quick, easy to use bar chair which is versatile, strong and robust. The heavy duty bar chair has been tested to 200kg, ensuring it will support heavy loads on site. Steel fixers walking freely on the reinforcement will be greatly impressed with its strength and stability. Ensuring minimum cover requirements has never been easier.

    The versatile range can accommodate, N12 and N16 as a clip-on and also up to N28 in non clip- on applications. Quality plastic used in the manufacture and the compact design adds to their Strength, and the grey colour blends in with the concrete.

    Heavy Duty Bar Chairs
  • Rocket Mesh Chairs

    Rocket Mesh Chairs

    Rocket Mesh Chairs clip firmly to the mesh in either horizontal or vertical applications to provide accurate cover. Ideal for use in pipes, tanks and a variety of concrete products. The rocket chairs narrow base reduces exposure and can accommodate light mesh up to 5mm. Colour coded in a range of sizes 15, 20, 25, 30 & 35mm cover.

    Rocket Mesh Chair
  • Intersection Bar Chairs

    Intersection Bar Chairs

    The heavy duty intersection chair was designed for the precast industry and the production of "Super T Beams". The result is a design that takes advantage of the intersection to provide a chair that does not move. Clipped to both bars at the intersection, the chair is amazingly secure and will not swivel or turn. Ideal in vertical applications.

    The chairs are currently designed to accommodate combinations of N16 bars and N12 bars. Designed and manufactured from quality plastic for optimum performance, the chairs have been load tested to exceed 200kg. A void to allow the flow of concrete at the bottom of the chair is 20mm.

    Intersection Bar Chair
  • Combination Plastic Bottom Deck Chairs

    Combination Plastic Bottom Deck Chairs

    The bottom deck spacer supports both mesh and large bars in suspended decks, precast beams and panels, and tilt-up applications. As an alternative to wire chairs and concrete blocks in several applications, the bottom deck spacers are lighter, offer dual heights and have no rust problems.

    Strong and stable, the spacers have 5 small dimples that are grey for minimum exposure. The dimples also allow for tie wire to be placed under the spacer for fixing reo if required. Having supports for the reo with no clips, means one spacer fits all common reo sizes, saves steel-fixing time in horizontal applications, and the strain on hands pushing clips all day.

    Combination Plastic Bottom Deck Chair
  • Circular Spacers

    Circular Spacers

    The extensive range of circular spacers are designed and manufactured from quality plastics, for strength and stability. The unique design offers accurate cover for 360 degrees. It will not twist when in position due to the in-built sleeves which adjust to hold the bar firmly. As the size of the bar increases the cover remains the same. The concrete grey coloured spacer is designed to be connected to the fitment so that it is in a vertical position, enabling it to rotate when the formwork is assembled.

    Circular Spacer
  • Slab on Ground Combination Bar Chairs

    Slab on Ground Combination Bar Chairs

    Standard Combination Chairs

    A full range of the slab on ground chairs, which are manufactured from selected plastics for superior performance; tested to exceed loads of 200kg, and available in: 25 & 40, 50 & 65, 75 & 90, 85 & 100mm heights. Also available subject to production lead-times: 105 & 110, 115 & 120, 125 & 130, 135 & 140, 145 & 150, 155 & 160, 165 & 170..

    Clip- on Bar Chairs

    The easy clip-on mechanism ensures correct placement, when walking on, or moving the reinforcing mesh; tested to exceed loads of 200kg, and available in 50 & 65mm and 75 & 90 combination style.

    Slab on Ground Combination Bar Chairs
  • Tall Slab on Ground Chairs

    Tall Slab on Ground Chairs

    The SOG chairs are an economical, lightweight, easy to use alternative to metal chairs with bases in deep slab situations; with no voids under the bar or mesh, and no rust problems. The easy clip-on system ensures the chair stays in place whilst the integral base saves time and labour placing separate bases.

    Ideally suited to commercial and civil projects such as deep slab on ground and road ways. The chairs have been load tested to exceed 500kg, and are available in 95, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, and 150mm cover, for bar or mesh up to 20mm.

    Tall Slab on Ground Chairs
  • Trench Mesh Support

    Trench Mesh Support

    The Trench Mesh Support has been designed with the clip-on at both sides, to allow the support to be fitted prior to lowering the mesh into the trench. A non clip-on support in the middle allows for tolerances in the main wire spacing of the trench mesh. The maximum width of 290mm avoids interference with the sides of narrow trenches. This secure support can accommodate 8, 11, and 12mm bar or mesh, with 60mm bottom cover. Ideal for residential applications such as strip footings, foundations and raft slabs.

    Trench Mesh supports are not designed for foot traffic.

    An alternative three clip support to suit loose N16 bars is also available.

    Trench Mesh Support
  • Foundation Frames

    Foundation Frames

    Foundation Frames are lightweight, simple to use and off er a fast and efficient system to support mesh in concrete footings. The reinforcement cages are easy to assemble, with clips that tie the top and bottom mesh together, which takes the place of ligatures, stirrups and bogar clips. The frames come in 3 easy to identify sizes, 150/200mm, 250/300mm, 350/400mm and can be used on 8mm, 11mm and 12mm mesh. The frames clip onto the main longitudinal wire and the cross wire of the trench mesh at 900mm intervals, creating a rigid cage.

    Foundation Frame

    6 metre lengths can be quickly assembled outside the trench for placement after the trench is prepared. The bottom layer of the mesh is supported 50mm off the ground eliminating the need for trench mesh supports or bar chairs.

  • Screed Master Chairs

    Screed Master Chairs

    The Screed Master Chair is a fully adjustable multipurpose chair for level decks and accurate depression forms and comes with a base, threaded height adjuster, and saddle. It has an adjustable height range of 125mm - 245mm.

    The Screed Master Chair is designed to hold screed rail’s on metal, timber, and concrete decks. They can be fastened down using staples, nails or screws. It is light weight, yet sturdy and can be left in the concrete.